Personal Coaching

We recognize that everyone is unique. Our desire is to help you improve your personal health through nutrition, exercise, and self-care guidance. Our six-month personalized coaching system consists of two, one-on-one appointments each month with one of our certified coaches, Lori and Deb. This personalized program enables us to target your specific physical and emotional needs with respect to food and wellness, as well as offering the flexibility of scheduling your own appointments.

Both trainers bring different methods to their shared health and nutrition philosophy—that despite the nutritional truths that apply to everyone, each individual has their own specific needs and requirements that enable them to enjoy sustained success. At Ultimate Wellness, we know how essential it is to find the right fit when hiring a personal coach. Our program allows you to select the right trainer to suit your motivational, weight loss, or sports specific needs.  In addition, we factor in personal style when determining the right coach/client match. Whether you like a “soft touch” or an “in-your-face” approach, we have the right trainer for you.

Sessions with your coach are fifty-minutes and take place at a location determined by the client and coach. All meetings are confidential and private.

All participants receive transformative, essential information that can be accessed through our Ultimate Wellness Library. We offer regular weigh-ins and measurement tracking. Grocery shopping and kitchen “cleanup” visits are available as well. Bonus gifts (we call them Ultimate Surprises!) are given at appropriate junctures in the program journey. Click here for complete details and pricing information.

Visit our SUCCESS page and be astounded by our clients’ transformative, Ultimate Wellness stories!

Ultimate Wellness Library

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy! Take the first step on your road to transformation by calling us at 508.210.0731 or emailing us at!

Participating individuals receive a contract, confidentially agreement, and payment plan options.