Ultimate Wellness

Trying to kick the sugar habit? Lose weight? Get stronger? Regain energy? Or just become healthier overall? Then Ultimate Wellness may be right for you!

For years, Ultimate Fitness has had the pleasure of working with clients to achieve their “personal best” through smart exercise. We have learned that to truly achieve overall “Ultimate Wellness”—the reduction of chronic disease risk and common ailments, as well as the realization of optimal happiness—we need to supplement exercise by using “food as medicine,” discover what nutrients our bodies need, and address the challenges that get in the way.  We know that good, smart nutrition offers many other benefits such as body composition changes—weight loss and/or the addition of lean muscle mass.  Through careful facilitation and coaching, Ultimate Wellness is focused on transforming and achieving the healthiest version of you. This division of Ultimate Fitness offers Personal Coaching, Group Coaching, Seminars, and access to a wealth of information through our Ultimate Wellness Library. More information and pricing can be found here.

Owner Lori L’Ecuyer leads all Ultimate Wellness programs and enjoys collaboration with staff member Deb Pillsbury.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy! Take the first step on your road to transformation by calling us at 508.210.0731 or emailing us at lori@lorisultimatefitness.com!