The Path to Good Nutrition

Nutrition: The process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. Well, by now most of us have the growth part covered and should be aiming for health!

Given the many nutritional guidelines out there choosing the right one can become confusing. Considering the many options from “My Plate”, to Vegan, Paleo and everything in between, the question becomes where do we start?

Believe it or not small change can affect big results. The worst thing you can do is have an all or nothing mind set. The best thing you can do is pick one area that you can improve and go from there. Here a few recommendations to get you started:

WATER: Are you drinking enough water? Your body can and does confuse thirst and hunger, so you may actually need to drink instead of eat! Think of the calories you would save if that were the case.

GROCERY SHOP OUTSIDE THE ISLE: The most nutritious food is outside the isles. Stick with vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, fish and healthy dairy products. Avoid the isle where you will find many refined processed carbohydrates loaded with sugar! Many of them disguised with “healthy” labels designed to confuse you the consumer.

PROTEIN: The equalizer! Protein not only reduces the effect of insulin, which can thwart the body’s ability to burn fat it also has huge effects on metabolism. This is called “The Dynamic Action of Protein.” Increasing your protein by 10% at lunch can enable your body to burn 4 calories more per minute over the next three hours, equaling a total of extra 720 calories!

SAY GOODNIGHT TO FOOD: Say goodnight to food two hours prior to bed. As your body slows down so does your need for fuel. Eating right before bed time will only increase if not ensure extra fat storage!

BE MINDFUL: Ask yourself “Am I hungry?”, “Is it good for me?”, “How much do I need?” Chances are if you actually decide to go for it a small amount of will satisfy you. After all what taste as good as that very first bite?

CROWD IN, NOT OUT: Don’t think about what you “can’t” eat, think about what you can eat! By adding in the nutritious foods mentioned above you will have less room for unhealthy “junk” foods. Leaving you full and satisfied and on your way to a more healthy you!