Paula Isgro

Seven years ago I began my journey with Ultimate Fitness.  I weighted two hundred pounds. I wanted to lose weight, but my life was all for my three boys.  They came first, until 2010.  My mom had just passed away and I found a picture of myself at my youngest son’s high school graduation. I said enough was enough.  My boys would be okay, it was time to think about me. At Ultimate Fitness, I learned to cycle, weight train, and a way of eating that is not a “diet”, but rather a change in the way I ate that was healthier and better for me.  In one year I lost 65 pounds! I also found my passion for exercise.  The following year, I became a MADD Dog/ Johnny G spin certified instructor. Now I am also certified in ASFA Kettlebell, Kettlebell AMPD, and Kettlebell AMPD Unplugged (for seniors). I continue working towards my NASM personal training certification. Sounds great…right?  I am thrilled with my progress, but it is still a daily struggle.  There are no excuses for bad nutrition but I still struggle with emotional eating. I have learned that you have to look inside yourself and truly WANT a better way of feeling and looking.  Ultimate Fitness is where you always can “BE YOUR PERSONAL BEST!”  I cannot thank Lori enough for the help she continues to give me in this journey.