Melissa Moore

Throughout my life, my focus has always been about family, friends, food, and cocktails.  Periodically, I would search for that “quick fix” weight loss.  As a wife and stay-at-home mom of three, exercising was never part of who I was. Who cares?! Who has time?! Excuses. I DID care but was not mentally prepared to change my lifestyle and take that first step.  How do you change your LIFESTYLE?! I had never played sports and never stuck to any exercise routine. I had to mentally make the decision to change my lifestyle and my way of thinking, before the physical aspect could even begin. The day I walked in to Ultimate Fitness, I was completely intimidated and out of my element. My worry was being the “BIG GIRL”.  Lori went over the weight machines with me, showed me all the equipment, and I signed up for a few personal training sessions. I thought spin was for the “die hards”!  And so began my UF journey.   As my confidence grew, I began taking classes (Yes! EVEN SPIN!!) and I realized there are no judgments here—only encouragement from trainers AND members.  After a few consistent weeks of training, the scale started dropping. Several months into my new routine, I was thrilled.  I’d connected with other members and looked forward to classes with “my people”.  The physical part became more fun and the mental portion of my journey began to change. At this point, I felt, “I’ve got this!” Now fast-forward two years. I kept working out but got a little lax on the foods and cocktails. The scale began creeping up again and I began to fall into my old habits. I wasn’t holding myself accountable.  You can’t exercise away poor food choices! After months of indecision, I joined Deb and the Ultimate Wellness program. It’s not just a weekly weigh in, it’s coaching, training, weighing, measuring, and learning all the things I need to live a healthy lifestyle. Trust me (and DEB!), I am not an easy client!  Want results? Work hard.  NO quick fix. I have lost 25lbs in six months and feel lighter and stronger than ever.  I still spend my weekends with family, friends, food (and cocktails!) but I plan ahead.  I am mentally prepared to make healthy choices and stick to them. I will be forever grateful for this program and to Deb for pushing and supporting me on this journey.  And for that occasional boot in the &%$! that she gives me!