Lydia Krog

I have belonged to many gyms.  It was fun having a membership, but not so fun when I went.  If I completely forced myself, I would go for 15 to 20 minutes before I had to leave out of boredom. I was referred to Ultimate Fitness through a friend.  I remember calling in late August and receiving a response from Lori on the same day. Most gyms took a week.

When I went to Ultimate Fitness I was meet by Lori and her friendly team. It was such a one-on-one personal experience.   I took a cycling class and feel in love! There was so much enthusiasm from everyone.

I joined after having been in remission just a few weeks. I really needed to kick-start my body into losing the weight I had gained while going through treatments. Lori has been my “health coach”—guiding me to physical health. So here I am, 40 pounds lighter and feeling amazing.  I am on the right road thanks to Ultimate Fitness!