Jane M. Houghton

I was under the impression that because I was heading into menopause it would prove impossible to lose the weight I had begun to put on. I have been working out and been active most of my life. I had been taking spin classes consistently for ten years, cycling on the weekends and enrolled in OPT. I felt like my efforts were, “holding back the tide” of weight gain that tends to happen to woman in the their fifties. I just assumed that’s what my genes and my age dictated.

Through Lori’s patient and encouraging wisdom I have lost twenty pounds and gained fitness to a level I had when I was in my twenties! I went from working out 2-3 times a week to working out 6 times a week and incorporating it into my lifestyle. I love that I am no longer shying away from certain activities because I am worried it will be too much for me. I love the way it has allowed me to take on life in a way that feels fearless and open!

With Lori’s help, I was able to pinpoint the foods that were working against me in terms of weight loss and feeling my best. I have always been a generally healthy eater and often felt confused as to why I wasn’t losing weight. Light bulbs went off almost every time I met with Lori to talk about topics such as carbohydrate intake, good fats, and protein. I have given up eating sugar, dairy and most grains with ease. I no longer miss them and have found my new way of eating to be easy and one that leaves me feeling lighter, clearer-thinking and energized. I feel empowered to lose an additional 10-15 pounds. I know that it might take me a bit longer than when I was younger but I know my new lifestyle and diet are a forever change and not just a phase I am in.