James L. Baker, M.D., M.P.H.

I am fortunate to be one of Lori L’Ecuyer’s health and nutrition students. As a physician, I thought I had a good understanding of diet as a critical basis for good health—but after becoming Lori’s client, I discovered what truly matters for nutrition and well-being, and working with her has changed my life.

I was surprised with how we started the program. After committing to truly working together, she took me through a full assessment of how I lived my life. She looked carefully at how I spent my time in work, leisure, pleasure, sleep, exercise, relationships, and many other factors—and surprisingly, my diet was last on the list.

Lori didn’t introduce a “diet plan,” calorie counting, time schedule, or any specific weight targets. She focused on setting goals to feel better physically and emotionally. Instead of asking how much kale or broccoli I ate, she wanted to know what I did for fun, how much I slept, and how much I was working. At first I didn’t understand how this was going to help. But within weeks, with Lori guiding my day to day habits of nutrition, rest, activities, and exercise, my body started to change and I began to feel stronger and far more healthy. She has never asked me to weigh myself or keep track of any other numbers—her first question was always, “How do you feel?” and my answer was, “Better, every day!”

With Lori’s instruction and support, I found myself looking forward to nurturing myself with quality foods (which includes anything I enjoy!), exercising more, needing my clothes altered because my body changed so much, and most of all—feeling better! When I told Lori, “My clothes don’t fit anymore,” she said, “You need to get them altered or buy new things—your body has changed and you’re going to stay this way now!”

Lori’s knowledge of nutrition and health is extraordinary. After our sessions, I went home and researched the medical literature to verify what she said, and 100% of the time she was correct. She never asked for a number on a bathroom scale, a clothing size, or for me to look in the mirror. Her plans for me were very different. “Jim, I want you to feel good, be healthy, take care of yourself, and nurture your body…I want you to have balance and joy in your life—permanently.”

With Lori, there are no pills, no supplements, no restrictions, and no timeline. She has introduced me to a new way of life that provides me heath and well-being. She greets me with, “How do you feel?” and “Are you taking care of yourself?” Lori’s prescription is “Go have a nice massage, meet new friends, have a warm bath, work less, and rest more.” She is an expert at what she does, and she is kind, patient, and supportive in providing education and guidance. She is there for me anytime I need her, and she checks in to see how I’m doing and how she can help. Lori is the best health and nutrition coach I have ever met, and she has the knowledge, experience, and personality that will guide anyone with the desire for self-improvement to a pathway for success in achieving optimal health and nutrition.