Demonstrating tremendous commitment and resolve, Ultimate Fitness members and Ultimate Wellness participants experience incredible, life altering results. We are proud to work with each and every individual—encouraging and supporting them to be their personal best.

Our team is amazed by their accomplishments and we just love to share their triumphs. Read each of their motivating stories below!

Christine Petrone

I simply cannot say enough about Ultimate Wellness and my work with Lori. Through the program and additional Ultimate Fitness group training classes, I have lost fifty pounds. I learned more about food, nutrition, and how certain choices impact your body. I have been able to find what works for my lifestyle while keeping my goals inline

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Allie Zeena

After struggling with my weight and living an overall unhealthy lifestyle since my second year of college, I never thought I would look in the mirror and like what I see again. But, thanks to Lori and the amazing trainers at Ultimate Fitness, I was able to make what I thought was impossible, POSSIBLE. I’ve lost 40 pounds!

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Melissa Moore

I joined Deb and the Ultimate Wellness program. It’s not just a weekly weigh in, it’s coaching, training, weighing, measuring, and learning all the things I need to live a healthy lifestyle. Want results? Work hard.  NO quick fix. I have lost 25 pounds in six months and feel lighter and stronger than ever.

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Karen Hughes

After six months of working with Deb, I have lost 21 pounds and have seen incredible composition changes in my body! The best part about the work I have done with her is that I don’t see this as a diet that I will do until I reach my goals, but rather a lifestyle change that I can easily maintain for a lifetime.

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Jane M. Houghton

With Lori’s help, I was able to pinpoint the foods that were working against me in terms of weight loss and feeling my best. I have always been a generally healthy eater and often felt confused as to why I wasn’t losing weight. Light bulbs went off almost every time I met with Lori to talk about topics such as carbohydrate intake, good fats, and protein

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James L. Baker, M.D., M.P.H.

Lori’s knowledge of nutrition and health is extraordinary. After our sessions, I went home and researched the medical literature to verify what she said, and 100% of the time she was correct. She never asked for a number on a bathroom scale, a clothing size, or for me to look in the mirror. Her plans for me were very different. ‘Jim, I want you to feel good, be healthy, take care of yourself, and nurture your body…I want you to have balance and joy in your life—permanently.

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Christine Kristoff-Cote

I have lost 70lbs! It is a lifestyle– now it’s just what I do. I love how I feel and who I am. And trust me, Lori will NEVER be out of my life again!”

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Lydia Krog

I have belonged to many gyms.  It was fun having a membership, but not so fun when I went.  If I completely forced myself, I would go for 15 to 20 minutes before I had to leave out of boredom…. So here I am, 40 pounds lighter and feeling amazing.  I am on the right road thanks to Ultimate Fitness!

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Cynthia Bazinet

As a single, working mother, I simply don’t have the time or discipline to get myself into the gym and exercise on my own, but “appointment” exercise and training has worked wonders for me. I can’t believe it wouldn’t work for someone else

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Paula Isgro

The nutrition and exercise programs at Lori L’Ecuyer’s Ultimate Fitness have helped me achieve a 65-lb. weight loss. Their phenomenal team of trainers is dedicated and encourages you to succeed!

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