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New to exercise and don’t know how to get started?

Looking to take it to the next level?

Hit a plateau and need new ideas?

Know what to do but just not feeling motivated and need a little inspiration?

YES to any of these questions means Ultimate Fitness Personal Training may be right for you!

Our highly trained and NASM certified Personal Trainers are at the top of their field and are the most experienced in the Wachusett area! By working with you one-on-one, focused solely on your individual needs, they help you reach your goals. Private sessions allow newcomers to build a strong foundation for continued independent workouts and enable confident participation in our group classes. Experienced members accomplish even more without injury. In addition, we offer sports specific training, youth training, and training specifically designed to meet custom weight loss, muscle gain, and body composition goals. Experienced members accomplish even more without injury. Whatever your fitness level or goal, our Personal Training team is committed to offering superior personalized services to our members. Visit for more information and pricing.

Ultimate Fitness Personal Trainers

Lori L’Ecuyer

With over 25 years of professional experience, Lori is on the cutting edge of the fitness and nutrition industries. An accomplished expert in both fields, Lori is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Institute for Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Weight Loss Management Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Behavioral Change Specialist, and an International Sports Sciences Association Certified Sports Nutritionist. In addition to her roles as owner of Ultimate Fitness and the Fitness and Nutrition Consultant for Sullivan Benefits, Lori is a frequent, professional speaker on nutrition appearing in both private and public venues. Lori is certified in nearly every fitness category including TRX, Madd Dogg/Johnny G Spin, Tabata, Kettle Bell AMPD, and Keiser cycling. She holds certifications in several National Academy of Sports Medicine specialties including Neuromuscular Stretching, Gomometric Assessment, and Business Development. Always striving for more, Lori is currently completing her Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification. Lori is passionate about coaching clients to discover their “personal best” and possesses a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and energy that is unparalleled in fitness circles in this region.

Tim L’Ecuyer

Tim is a true fitness veteran. 30 years of personal experience illustrate his commitment and passion for health and wellbeing—from a challenging battle with childhood obesity—to success as an amateur bodybuilder. With over 10 years of fitness industry experience, Tim brings excitement and enthusiasm to his role as a NASM and TRX Certified Personal Trainer. A Product Realization Manager for a medical company, Tim understands everyday business stressors and their profound impact on our lives. Certified in Kettlebell AMPD and Keiser cycling, his professional attention to detail is evidenced in his training skills and allows for the creation of challenging workouts that emphasize form.

Kevin Anderson

A very special Ultimate Fitness member since our inception, Kevin is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Golf Fitness Specialist, Certified Group Training Specialist, and is Madd Dogg/Johnny G Spin certified. Enjoying ice hockey, football, and soccer during his high school and college years, Kevin has also competed in 5k, 10k, 10 mile, 1/2 marathon, marathon, and triathlon events. His current passions include ice hockey, golf, and cycling. Offering participants a wide variety of spin music ranging from the 50’s to present, Kevin has a unique ability to make individuals of all ages and fitness levels comfortable with their form and personal fitness needs.

Dianne Durand

Dianne has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  She is a NASM Certified Trainer. In addition, Dianne is also NASM certified in Neuromuscular Stretching, OPT Weight Management, Reactive Training, and is also a NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist.  Dianne also holds certifications in BTS, Tabata Boot Camp, Insanity, MADD Dog Spinning, TRX, and Kettlebell AMPD. As a cancer survivor, her gentle, yet strong approach to fitness has enabled her to reach out to a wide variety of people and fulfill their fitness needs. Dianne possesses a unique ability to combine compassion for people with her dedication to fitness.

Mike Hakkarainen

Mike’s passion for fitness began at the age of fourteen. After a keen focus on this throughout his youth, he joined the Ultimate Fitness family. Since becoming certified as a NASM personal trainer in 2012, Mike has earned a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, is a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, Speed and Explosion Specialist, and Sports Conditioning Specialist. Mike moved to Columbia, South Carolina in 2015 to pursue his dream of working with elite athletes at the University of South Carolina. After a year of working as an intern with the Carolina Gamecocks track and football team, in 2016 Mike worked as a Strength and Conditioning Associate for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL. Mike has returned to Holden with new knowledge and experience that he is excited to share with Ultimate Fitness clients to help them become their personal best.

Jason Hicks

Jason has been practicing in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He is plant-based and an avid skier, biker, and hiker who brings his interests for the outdoors to the gym with various types of sport specific personal training. When not training, he is trying to keep up with his 5 children (with another on the way!) Jason is AFAA and TRX certified.

Paula Isgro

Paula has lost 65 pounds since joining Ultimate Fitness and fell in love with the industry due to her experience.  She is a MADD Dog/Johnny G Spin certified cycling instructor, ASFA Kettlebell certified, Kettle-Bell AMPD certified, Kettlebell AMPD Unplugged certified, and currently obtaining her NASM certification.  Working in Marlboro, she has been a registered dental hygienist for 38 years, a mother of three boys, and an active grandmother.

Deb Pillsbury

Deb is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, World Natural Bodybuilding Masters Bikini Professional, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Insanity Instructor, Golf Fitness Specialist, Certified TRX Suspension Trainer, and is Madd Dogg/Johnny G Spin certified, Kettlebell certified, and Tabata Bootcamp certified. Deb enjoys competing in bikini competitions and brings this motivating perspective to all of her client interactions. She is thrilled with her recent achievements; Bikini Novice 1st Place, Master’s Bikini 1st Place, and Pro Card in the Granite State Open 2016, as well as 1st Place Pro Master’s Bikini, 2nd Place Open Bikini, and 2nd Pro Card in the Hercules New York 2017. Most recently, she enjoyed a second place finish in the WNBF World Championship in November 2017. With a driven teaching style, the use of incentivizing, popular music, and a focus on proper form, Deb passionately leads her clients to a balanced, healthy lifestyle and away from fad diets. Strongly believing in the disease fighting and mood enhancing power of integrated exercise and nutrition, her favorite slogan is “Healthy Food is Medicine.” Follow Deb on instagram for unique exercises, motivation, & fun! @debpilz

Mary Thibeault

Mary has always enjoyed fitness, including running, weight training, cycling and Insanity classes.  For over 25 years, exercising has been an important part of her life. She enjoys its benefits—a healthy mind and body. Mary is a NASM certified personal trainer and certified Insanity instructor and enjoys having fun in her classes while helping to push and motivate individuals to achieve their goals.  When she is not working out, she is a full time office manager in the Biomedical/Industrial industry.

Kelly Trefry

Exposed to living a fit lifestyle at an early age, Kelly has been naturally drawn to the fitness industry. Kelly’s passion for fitness began as a child, working out with her Dad in their home gym. Now a mother of two, Kelly’s focus is on being the best you can be by living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to her Madd Dogg/Johnny G Spin certification, Kelly is NASM certified as a personal trainer. Kelly loves to constantly challenge herself, and encourages her clients to do so as well.

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