Ultimate Wellness Pricing

Ultimate Fitness enjoys working with clients to achieve their “personal best” through smart exercise. We have learned that to truly achieve overall “Ultimate Wellness”—the reduction of chronic disease risk and common ailments, as well as the realization of optimal happiness—we need to supplement exercise by using “food as medicine,” discover what nutrients our bodies need, and address the challenges that get in the way.  We know that good, smart nutrition offers many other benefits such as body composition changes—weight loss and/or the addition of lean muscle mass.

Ultimate Wellness offers Personal Coaching, Group Coaching, Seminars, and access to a wealth of information through our Ultimate Wellness Library to both members and non-members. Payment plans are available for each option; call or stop by the front desk for complete details. Pricing is as follows:

Personal Coaching:

Your personalized, six-month program consists of 12 private, fifty-minute sessions held at a location determined by you and your Coach.  Personalized coaching enables us to target your specific physical and emotional needs with respect to food and wellness, as well as offering the flexibility of scheduling your own appointments. Click here for complete details.

Members:                   $780

Non-Members:           $890

Group Coaching:

Our six-month Group Coaching program offers the support of others with like-minded goals and consists of 12 sixty-minute sessions. Visit here for more information.

Members:                   $299

Non-Members:           $399


Our informative and interactive seminars are offered year round and take place at convenient times at Ultimate Fitness. Specific content and pricing information on upcoming seminars is emailed to members and shared on our Facebook page. Examples of previously held seminars can be found here.

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