FOOD, FOOD, FOOD…it’s all about the FOOD!!!

I have been in this industry for 23 years and I can honestly tell you that “it’s all about the food”. People come in and after a period of time find their “niche” in exercise. They find what excites them, drives them or gives them results. What I continually hear about is food. What to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, how much to eat…! Here is the bottom line and I hate to sound repetitive, but you need to take in less calories than your expending to lose weight! Or as Jillian Michaels says; “eat less, move more!” Simple right? Here is the problem. Whether you have struggled with food most of your life, or put on weight over the summer it doesn’t happen overnight! No one puts on 20lbs in a week, no one becomes obese in a couple of weeks or even a couple of months! However, when we eat healthy for a couple of weeks we are all wondering why we haven’t lost 10 pounds!! If you are consistent over time, over eat you will gain weight, you will become obese! Again, it takes time and consistency! Thank God!! Well, guess what? So does weight loss! A couple good weeks isn’t going to be life changing…a couple good months? Now we’re talking! It is eating healthy, eating less than you are expending consistently over time that gets you results. Time and consistency! So here is my challenge. I challenge you to 1 month of clean eating and eating less then you’re expending. 1 month!!! Allow yourself 1 “cheat” meal a week. One meal, not an all day event!! Do this for 1 month and watch the results. Are you with me? Respond to me and let me know, let’s do this together!!

4 thoughts on “FOOD, FOOD, FOOD…it’s all about the FOOD!!!”

  1. Lori – do you have any post work out food suggestions? We work so hard in the classes – how do we make sure we dont sabotage ourselves right after when we might be starving!? 🙂 Are you offering the nutritional classes again?

  2. I’m so in ! Love all you guys … Just need to get over the “hump” that has given me the excuse to stop caring for myself..I know I can get back to my comfortable size, shape and weight with the encouragement of your team <3

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