Tim, Lori, Chelsea, Jordan, & Lucy. Missing Jacob who was unfortunately unavailable for photo!

About Us

Tim and I have been married and exercising together for thirty years! We are the proud parents of our three children—Chelsea, Jacob, and Jordan. And when you are at the gym, you’ll be sure to meet our latest family addition—Lucy, our Ultimate Fitness morkie mascot!

Having dealt with childhood weight issues, Tim and I have each experienced personal journeys to health and fitness. Tim lost 60 pounds in high school, while I continued struggling with weight issues when we married. However, being curious about nutrition and its impact, I was always reading and researching.

In 1990, after the birth of my first child and at my highest weight, I intensified my focus on wellness. I have since lost 70 pounds! My first experience as a certified cycling instructor triggered my passionate crusade to become a well rounded and committed fitness professional.

In the meantime, Tim, a mechanical engineer, became very ill with ulcerative colitis. After two surgeries, we focused on nutrition as a means of healing. This, combined with Tim’s dedication to strength training, enabled him to quickly bounce back after six long months of surgery.

Today, in addition to several other certifications, Tim and I are NASM certified trainers. I specialize in weight loss, nutrition, and wellness and strive for every individual who walks through our door to feel comfortable, regardless of her/his fitness level. We strive to “we meet you where you are” and the excitement comes when you “see where you can go!”

Ultimate Fitness today was born out of our collective experiences and punctuated by the creation of a community. Humbled by consistently being voted Landmark’s Best Athletic Club for 4 years in a row, we are proud of each member of our Ultimate Fitness family. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, Tim and I, along with our staff, will bring you to the next level—to “Be Your Personal Best.”



Lucy, Our Ultimate Fitness Mascot.
She’s one TUFF Dog!

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