50 Ways To Leave Your Workout

Cook on the grill, Bill. Work on your tan, Jan. No need to get stuck, Chuck!

Let’s work on a PLAN, Stan!

Are we playing your song?

As summer comes to an end, do you find that you have let your exercise routine and nutrition fall to the “waist-side”? You may have started the summer with great intentions but are now realizing that you made one too many excuses. You may have let an extra day at the beach put off your workout. One barbeque became two or three with one more burger, one more drink, and just one more scoop of ice cream! And now you’re facing that uncomfortable feeling with a little extra around the midriff.

The challenge you face is getting back into the swing of things.

Begin RIGHT NOW by deciding that TODAY you are going to make some changes. Here a few tips to get you started:

Begin with short workouts: Ease your way back into a routine by beginning with short workouts scheduled throughout the week. Use the last of the nice weather to go for a brisk walk or jog. Sign up for a class or plan a workout with a friend for accountability. Do not allow yourself to make excuses to skip your workout! Build consistency.

Keep a food journal: Keeping notes will make you aware of what you are eating and keep you accountable. You will think twice before reaching for that second burger or hotdog!

Clean sweep: You may need to clean out the kitchen! After one too many cookouts are you looking at chips, marshmallows (dreaded s’mores), ice cream and such? If so, it’s time to get rid of it!

Last call: Cut back on the alcohol! There is something about a hot summer’s night that has us reaching for nice, cold drink. And I’m not talking lemonade! Instead, grab water or an unsweetened beverage such as iced tea or seltzer water. Save the alcohol for weekends and drink in moderation.

So, hop on the track, Jack. Go for a spin, Lynn. Munch on some kale, Gayle!

Let’s work on this PLAN, Stan!!