How Hot Are You?

So, how “HOT” you are when you shimmy into those jeans may actually depend on how HARD you’re working! We all exercise for a variety of reasons. Although health should be the main focus, often our vanity comes first. Our motivation may be inspired by those jeans we want to fit into, a function we want to look “slammin’” for, or the dreaded bathing suit. Whatever your incentive may be, it all boils down to EPOC.

So, how HOT are you? And no, I am not talking about the bathing suit or the jeans. I’m talking about EPOC. E what? EPOC. Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption, most commonly known as the “after-burn”. EPOC is the state where the body’s metabolism is elevated after exercise. This means that the body is burning more calories after exercise than before exercise was initiated. This is much like the car engine that stays warm after the car has been driven.

So, how do we make the most of EPOC? It’s simple; get out of your comfort zone. The higher the intensity of training, the higher the EPOC! Next time you find yourself dragging through a workout, think of the after-burn! Work hard, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and you will reap the benefits long after your workout is finished. If you’re walking, add jogging intervals. If you’re running, add sprint intervals. If you’re lifting, add bouts of plyo-metrics between sets or turn it into interval training by adding cardio. Whatever you do, challenge yourself with minimal recovery between sets, keeping in mind that the idea is to keep your heart rate up. But, don’t get on your phone or have a 10-minute conversation with the person next to you! Exactly how much you can burn after exercising directly correlates to the duration and intensity of your workout! Get to work and I promise you’ll be “HOT” long after your workout is finished!